Tele-medicine Appointments

Beginning Tuesday October 17,2017 I will be offering appointments on Tuesdays only via computer based HIPPA compliant web site, I will not be able to offer in office appointments on Tuesdays going forward. 

Virtual appointments are just like in-office appointments in terms of scheduling and fees. Please check with your insurance carrier and ask what their policy might be concerning this type of appointment as we can not research this for you. If you have a plan that disallows computer based appointments then you may want to opt for seeing me in the office as you would be responsible for the full fee otherwise. To start the appointment you would log into my link at 10 minutes before the scheduled time and wait for me to log on and  initiate the appointment. The telemedicine option will only be for current patients and not new patient evaluations.

The advantage of these appointments for you is convenience. If you travel a ways to see me for a 15-30 minute appointment then I am sure you can see the benefit of having  your appointments this way and not having to challenge our region's intense traffic pattens. 

What is required on your end is to have a stable secure internet connection and that you are familiar with using audio/video computer communications programs.  I do not recommend using cell phones. The video is less reliable and using cellular bandwidth could add up in terms of expense. You would need a quiet secure place with no external interruptions. 

In order to make the procees more efficient we would need to have you give us permission to keep a current credit card on file and allow us to charge your co-pays/deductibles/outstanding balances to it. I will tell you during the session what that figure is. There will be NO surprise charges!  You can access the credit card form from the tab Patient Forms on my web site.